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8,518,000 Alumni Profiles at Over 9,500 High Schools

About Our Communities

Since 2007, Our high school networks have allowed individuals to relive some of the most important times of their lives. No matter where someone may be in their life, old friends and memories never fade.

We strive to give high school graduates a place where they will always be welcome among familiar acquaintances. Remembering the past but building those relationships in the present. With over 11,800 class reunion updates and over 613,000 registered users it's easy to reconnect with classmates both online and offline.

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Community Features Include

  • Free Registration
  • Thousands of Registered Members
  • Photos and Memory Sharing
  • Private Messaging
  • High School Alumni Stores
  • Lost Friends forum, Famous Alumni & More

New Members

  • Kathleen Oman
    Kathleen Oman
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    Amanda Squire
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    Marti Mckinney
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    Kathy Smith
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    Ronda Ansel
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    Stephen Miller
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    Bob Hasty Sr.
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    David Norck
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    Arthur Aube
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    Nancyann Rella
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    Barbara Perkins
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    Amando Cardenas
  • William An Jojo Starks
    William An Jojo Starks

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