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The High School Network is a privately held company that was conceived by its founders whom identified a need for free, useful alumni sites for graduates of United States high schools.

There are paid subscription sites that exist and have alumni listings for EVERY school in the United States, but there are very few useful free alumni sites. Some schools have an alumni organization that maintains some sort of website, but many of these sites are not very useful, and in most cases, are hard to find.

Realizing this, we have set our sights on creating a free, useful alumni site for every high school in the United States. A rather large undertaking, no doubt. However, by leveraging a single community site structure that can be continually improved based on user feedback and requests, we feel we can create the most useful free high school alumni social networks in existance. Creating an independant site for each high school also makes each community more relevant, an alumni is not forced to drill down into a specific page or section of a larger site, rather every section of our sites are relevant because they deal with a single high school.

We believe improving our existing community design while growing the registered members on each site will create a destination that specific school alumni will make part of their normal online behavior.

Our ultimate goal is to leave the communities in the hands of the members. Realizing the value and importance of such a network, the users will be the ones who maintain and grow the communities. Essentially, we give each school's alumni base a house, but they live in it and maintain it.

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