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Having trouble finding an alumni site for your class reunion? Looking for one place for all of your high school friends and classmates to communicate. Want to share pictures of the past and present with other alumni? Look no further than the High School Network for a free alumni site that is truly built by the alumni.

We provide the foundation, and your alumni provide the memories, pictures and community. We are constantly adding new features that allow more customization, more tools for communication, more ways to share alumni news and the ability to have all of your high school alumni needs met in one place.

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Fill out the form below to request your very own alumni network. Remember, this site is completely free to you and will be hosted on the High School Network's servers. All that we ask is you provide a readily available community that is ready and willing to use our site.

Here are a few of our sites for you to review and decide if our product is right for you. There are no hidden costs or fees, we just ask that you have a group of an alumni that you can share this site with. Our sites are perfect for alumni associations or former students tasked with organizing alumni events who want a simple way to communicate with their alumni.

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If you've found what you are looking for, search for your high school. If we haven't created a site for your school, you can request that we do right from the search page.

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